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Did you know there are close to 500 approved Regional Centers! When we started our Regional Center we were only 1 of less than 10 in existence! We have the experience others do not

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How many I526 approvals are there?


How many I829 approvals are there?


Where is the investment situated?


How is the investment structured?


What is a Limited Partnership?


When I send my funds and I am waiting for my I-526 Petition, how do I know my funds are safe?


What is the exit strategy? When can you exit the investment?


We have a Well Defined and Simple Exit Strategy. The investment is structured as a six year infrastructure investment loan. This structure provides for a very simple exit strategy. When the loan is paid back and no other public sector investment remain the partners vote to liquidate the partnership and the original investment is returned. There is nothing to sell. The investors do not have to worry about real estate markets going up and down or their investment being tied to any other segment of the economy such as travel and entertainment, farming, bio fuels and electricity or the whims of any other segment of the economy.


Take the time to submit a request for information. We focus upon the client first, find out about our track record and compare it to any other regional center. We strive for safely, our success rate is speaks for itself.


If you are interested in obtaining an American Green Card, the fastest and least complicated way is applying through the U.S. EB-5 visa program. The EB-5 visa program involves commercial enterprise and the creation of American Jobs. Under specific terms, it is how you can receive a permanent visa for themselves and each member of their family who is less than 21 years of age


EB-5 is a successful visa program and offers participants nearly all the benefits of U.S. citizenship, such as access to education at rates of in state residents and the ability to live anywhere regardless of where the project is at. The program benefits the U.S. economy and is a win – win for all involved. Furthermore, applying for the EB-5 visa through an approved, federally designated Regional Center makes the process much easier to understand as well as provides an already proven track record.